Herbert Holzmann – Germany

Dear Friends,

here is my short interview with Mr. Herbert Holzmann – photographer from Germany.

1. Herbert, your photographs are very interesting. What inspired you in your last photo set which is celebrating the beauty of a young woman in nature?

I always try to get to know the people before I take their photographs. In this case, the girl had told me about her affection for German fairy tales (especially the ones collected by the Brothers Grimm in the early 19th century) and we decided to do a series together in a dark forest. So, an important part of the inspiration came from my model and it took me some time to find the perfect spot with dense trees and black, rich soil. Also very valuable is the inspiration I get from nature itself. I like being outside, alone with my camera, very often in dark or misty weather conditions, discovering nature’ s perfection even in small, plain things. Another field of inspiration for me are ancient Greek and Roman mythology and Shakespeare’ s plays. These tales are populated by gods and ghosts and creatures half-human, half-animal, dangerous and nonetheless tempting for all of us. The water series (which was our second shooting) refers to some of those ideas. We see a young woman in the water, and at the same time she is Nymph and Siren, Venus and Ophelia – and still a sensitive girl of our days and an emerging artist herself.

2. What equipment do you use ?

I try to keep things simple and straight: A full-frame DSLR in manual exposure mode with a fast prime lens or two – that‘s it. In some situations I use a wireless off-camera flash for additional lighting.

3. Do you prefer shooting in nature or in a studio?

Both. In nature all conditions are much harder to control , which is great if you love discoveries as well as improvisation. During our forest shoot, for instance, it suddenly started raining. The raindrops on the girl’s skin turned out to look much better than I would ever have achieved it if they were intentional. They made a perfect match with the fir needles and the soil. In my studio on the other hand, I have full control about every technical aspect. There I mostly use flash lighting, light shapers, etc. for shooting with a much stricter concept.

4. You combined women and nature. What was your intention?

I’m looking for beauty and eternalness and this is the wonderful combination of both.

5. What are your plans for future? Are you planning any exhibitions?

First of all I’d like to do more shoots, try to work with people who love experimenting as much as I do and invite them for mutual inspiration. There might be an exhibition in the future but more of my energy will go into a book project on that timeless topic that I‘ve been carrying in my heart for quite a while.


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